High School Summer Music Program Scholarship-

This scholarship is for any High School music student residing in Lee County and is to be used for a summer music program out of state or at least outside of Lee County.  The student must apply and be accepted to the program to receive the scholarship.  Once all applications have been reviewed, the finalists will be asked to perform a brief solo or etude for the scholarship committee.  
(Please note that this is not for our Summer Camps)

Funds for this scholarship have included private donations, The Scott Knipe Memorial Fund and The Bireley Family Fund.

High School Summer Music Program Scholarship to Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is possible courtesy of Pat Neuman. A student wishing this opportunity will indicate this on the scholarship application.  Please note that this scholarship is not an enrollment in Blue Lake and that must be done separately.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is located in Twin Lake Michigan and began in 1910.  The philosophy of the camp is as follows. "Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp strives to maintain an atmosphere where students who want to learn may do so in an environment which encourages creativity and recognizes the importance of the individual. Students are accepted at whatever their proficiency level may be and are encouraged to grow. Faculty and staff strive to motivate campers and share with them the joy of achievement in the fine arts. Enthusiasm is contagious at Blue Lake as campers discover, learn, experience, and succeed." (https://bluelake.org/about/)

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Thank you Pat for making this possible!

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Schools & Scholarships:

5th Grade Traveling Instruments Program

Thirty-six instruments, two of each band and orchestra, are divided

into two sets and spend the school year rotating through the 37 Lee

County elementary schools. Fifth grade music teachers are encouraged

to use and in some cases trained in techniques for the different instruments

so they can encourage the students to try instruments that would

otherwise be unavailable to them. Each set spends two weeks at a school,

taking the entire school year to make one complete round. The instruments

are maintained, repaired, and replaced by The Music Foundation as needed.
College Scholarships-

Each year a Southwest Florida high school senior can receive a scholarship to Florida SouthWestern State College to major in music. The recipients audition for and are accepted by the Music Department at the college.