Serving Southwest Florida Music Students since 1991

The Music Foundation of Southwest Florida, Inc.

Summer Arts Camps - Come and have fun!

The Music Foundation of SW Florida aims

to enrich and transform the lives of young people

by igniting and nurturing the life long joy of making music.

We are so proud of our Summer Arts Camps and are in our 26th year of offering them .  

Thank you to everyone who has ever attended and to the donors who have made this possible.  

A special thank you to all the talented faculty who give of their time and talents!

Our vision of what is possible from studying music includes:

  • improved self-discipline
  • persistence to reach a goal
  • learning to work with others
  • learning more about history and literature (life enrichment)
  • improve cognitive thinking

These outcomes can also happen in the visual arts, culinary arts and dance.  We are so pleased to now include these offerings in our summer camps.